Carr Communications + The National Standards Authority of Ireland

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As part of my Prosocial Public Relations Maymester in Ireland (summer 2013), my classmates and I worked with Carr Communications for five weeks to develop recommendations to increase working relationships between Irish businesses and the National Standards Authority of Ireland

Executive Summary

The National Standards Authority of Ireland doesn’t just deliver standards and certification; it delivers opportunity. It delivers the possibility of achieving more by providing the standards that can lead to ultimate success. By implementing NSAI standards, businesses can more easily access international markets and offer higher quality products and services, thereby earning more revenue and a larger client base. By implementing NSAI standards, businesses grow faster, earn a competitive edge and lay a foundation for a more successful future.

Despite the promising effects of adapting standards in business practices, management and products, research indicates a lack of engagement and working relationships between the NSAI and Irish businesses. According to a survey by Behavior & Attitudes, only 5 percent of Irish companies knew about the NSAI and dealt with them regularly as of November 2012. Nearly a quarter of surveyed companies were familiar with NSAI but had no working relationship with the organization.

To provide businesses with the opportunity for success, the NSAI must focus its attention on building engagement and working relationships with its consumer base of Irish businesses. Therefore, it is recommended that the NSAI further interaction with Irish companies through engagement attempts such as brochures and newsletters, social media efforts, showcasing events and publications in Irish trade journals. The NSAI can benefit most from engaging with its audience through conversational and responsive social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. By establishing an open line of communication with its target audience, the NSAI can begin to build relationships with these businesses and increase understanding of the importance of standards.

This campaign’s recommendations are based on the idea that the NSAI should further its engagement efforts to build working relationships with additional Irish businesses. Once relationships are established, businesses may implement NSAI standards, opening themselves up to the opportunity of achieving more. It is recommended that engagement efforts, including brochures and newsletters, social media efforts, showcasing events and trade journal publications, be made a permanent part of the NSAI’s attempts to build and maintain relationships with new Irish businesses. By continuously engaging with its audience, the NSAI can provide businesses with standards and certification, the stepping stones to a more profitable, higher quality, international future.

National Standards Association of Ireland plansbook


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