McGarrah Jessee + Frost Bank

My classmates and I participated in this real-world class exercise, developing a plan for Frost Bank with local advertising and PR agency McGarrah Jesse. Calling ourselves Cobra Advertising (find out why in our interactive presentation), we presented our final plan to officials from Frost Bank at McGarrah Jesse’s Austin headquarters. Our professor – with input from Frost and McGarrah Jesse – chose our plan as the winning strategy.

Our objective was to pique interest in starting a banking relationship with Frost among millennials just starting their careers (ages 18­ – 27). Goals included creating interest for Frost Bank among millennials; creating a presence in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin for $2 million; and convincing millennials to trust and care about Frost’s commitment to always do right by their customers.

Based on those goals, we developed the following core message: “Let’s make milestones.” Following that core message and based on insightful research, we recommended Frost own the digital space with an interactive website catered exclusively to their target audience.

Frost Bank plansbook



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