Early Eyes

I keep these photos as a historical record, to see how far I’ve come as a photographer. These photos are special to me because I can see my critical eye for lines, reflections and street photography developing. I think it’s important to look back and learn from my young photographer’s eyes. That’s how I become a sharper, more skilled photographer.

Okinawa Beach, Okinawa, Japan

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills: The only shopping I could afford to do here is window shopping. People watching is also a good way to spend time.

Balboa Park, San Diego: Beautiful, beautiful park with gorgeous buildings. In the summertime, the weather was perfect for walking around.

Balboa Park, San Diego

A cross stands sentinel at the gates to an abandoned Oblate monastery.

Austin, Texas, March 2012

My sister and niece’s cake, which they made for a client of their cake-making business.

An old, worn rocking chair in Brackettville, TX, where John Wayne’s The Alamo was filmed.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, a shrine at La Lomita in South Texas.

The seventeen spires of the Air Force Chapel, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

Early afternoon sun shines on the graves of war heroes at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

Inside the Blanton Museum on the University of Texas campus.

As Patrick cooks, he looks sternly at his joking friend, off-camera.

Tehachapi, California

Tehachapi, California

Tehachapi, California

Tehachapi, California